mod_auth_odbc allows Apache web server to authenticate users against ODBC datasources.

This is yet another shameless hack job on an otherwise capable OpenSource package. mod_auth_odbc is based on mod_auth_mysql. This hack is very lightly tested. Some of its various configuration options may or may not work. It's presented here in the hopes it might be useful to someone. I've had a trafic generator hammering on my Apache server for a few hours now. Nothing's crashed, and Apache's memory usage is nice & steady. YMMV, of course.

I'll happily provide what support I can to anyone that uses this, but please understand that my grasp of ODBC is tenuous at best. Prior to starting this module, I'd never actually programmed to the ODBC C API. I take no responsibility for anything this module might do to your server. Please test thouroughly on a DEVELOPMENT web server before deploying to a production system.

This tag is only tested against Apache 2 on Linux. It may work on Windows if you compile it against odbc32.lib, but I haven't tested that in the least. Feel free to send success reports and/or patches.

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